April 2019

Fabienne Chapot 
Opens in Maastricht, NL

Mcdevitt - Fabienne Chapot.png

The Amsterdam-based label Fabienne Chapot has opened her latest store in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

The label dares women to dress in a way that’s more outspoken, through a strong use of color, print and imaginative details. Boldly feminine - and always highly wearable. The power of Fabienne Chapot is that it’s a brand that makes women feel good. Good about themselves and the way that they look.

The recognizable label that sells clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, gives you an instant upbeat feeling.

The McDevitt Company acting on behalf of Fabienne Chapot. Please contact Rick van Schaik or Hille Jorna for any inquiries.

Visit the store at the Maastrichter Brugstraat 4 in Maastricht.